Security Administrator

This position is responsible for assisting the security architect implementing, configuring and supporting the various organizational tools needed to protect enterprise information.  Ensuring stated corporate security policies are enforced upon a reliable 24x7 production environment. Comprehension of critical security concepts and how to develop and implement secure procedures according to developed policy. Analysis of key metrics is used to determine availability and effectiveness of design / equipment configuration. This can and frequently does include system configuration level changes (on key mission critical supporting components) as well as risk mitigating devices.  Incumbent must be quick and efficient in dealing with a heavy and diversified work processing load.  Excellent Customer Service is a priority.    

  • Assist the security architect leveraging available tools, contracted security partners and available resources to identify security threats to the organization and create steps to defend against them.
  • Incumbent must demonstrate knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures within field. 
  • Incumbent is held accountable for following appropriate policies and procedures regarding protecting the availability and security of organizational footprint.
  • Incumbent must be able to work with limited supervision and exercise independent judgment. 
  • Maintain documentation of problems reported and resolutions.
  • Actively participate in organizational monitoring for suspicious activity. 
  • Technical knowledge necessary to manipulate/modify risk mitigating devices (firewalls, network access control, IPS/IDS, Privilege Identity Management, malware mitigation, web proxy, etc.).
  • Provide technical support to the Help Desk in resolving end user access or application issues.
  • Ability to comply with Help Desk service standards and provide good customer service is required.
  • Actively participate in the sales and service culture, support the values of the organization and follow established holding company policies and procedures. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology specializing in IT Security along with two years of practical experience. 
  • Prior employment experience within the technology and security related fields may be substituted for educational requirements.
  • Security certifications are highly desirable.
  • Must be able to handle stress and establish priorities.  
  • Must be courteous, able to handle frequent deadlines and interact with people. 
  • Duties and responsibilities require judgment, initiative and attention to detail. 
  • Candidate must possess the ability to function well in a rapidly changing environment with little direct supervision. Professional demeanor is essential.