Sales Consultant

Posted: 06/02/2019

 "To create Raving Fans by enthusiastically identifying customers wants and needs and satisfying them completely".
Sales consultants are encouraged to be entrepreneurs within the company. As a "linchpin" you will be given flexibility within a structure to create your own business within our business. Arrows overall focus is to train and develop employees so that they can quickly progress and create a successful business model which will be guided by the employee's ability, passion, thus producing an economic engine of success.
Successful candidates will:
1. Will enthusiastically provide the customer with enough information to make informed buying and financing decisions, not only in the area sales but also in the area of vehicle maintenance.
2. Establish and maintain a marketing and prospect development system that will generate new clients.
3. Be a team player and not only follow a proven Sales Procedure but assist in rewriting the procedure as we continue to adapt to customers wants and needs in this ever-changing age of acceleration.
4. Provide a professional delivery, from the delivery showroom, to ensure the customer has a complete knowledge of all accessories and options on their new vehicle.
5. Maintain an owner follow-up procedure to continue to provide Raving Fans service to produce customer advocacy and to encourage referrals and repeat sales.
6. Represent the "Arrow Brand" of integrity, service above self, and collaboration not only when engaging with our customers but also with your fellow employee and within your community.
7. Be a part of the "Arrow Team" and feel free to argue, debate, and provide feedback in all areas, including but not limited to, inventory, salability and availability, advertising effectiveness, policies and procedures, interdepartmental processes, as well as any other areas of opportunity, to ensure Raving Fans service to our customers, employees, and community.
8. Utilize every available resource. Read. Become experts in our industry through knowledge and know-how.
9. Operate as a team of one, with one goal. Create dependency and connectivity amongst all departments to ensure customer advocacy.