Engineering Technician I

Posted: 10/27/2019

The Engineering Technician I reports directly to the Director of Operations.

  • Education: basic mechanical ability.
  • Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities: Be able to deal effectively with other team members. Be able to read, understand and follow all check lists and Technical Orders. Have the Ability to explain technical issues in non-technical terms, to develop and optimize overall solutions, and resolve conflicting priorities or issues.
  • Physical: Requires sitting, standing, walking, bending, stooping, kneeling, moving around, and over obstacles. Lifting required up to 70 lbs. See to read reports, manuals, specifications, model numbers, and to complete forms.  Be able to make written and oral reports.
  • Mental: Be able to read and understand specifications and technical manuals related to hardware and to the job, to understand time and cost impact of the decisions and actions taken related to the job. Be able to make calculations required by the job. Be able to effectively understand and communicate instructions and reports. Be able to effectively maintain and enforce quality and safety standard
is performed mainly in a production area.   Work is mainly indoors.   Work on and around equipment is required.


The responsibilities of the Engineering Technician I include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluate disassembly, assembly, and repair components, subunits, or simple models or adapts standard equipment. May troubleshoot and correct malfunctions.
  • Performs test of components using standard test equipment and recording of test results.
  • Keep the assigned area neat and clean
  • Review the job and product specifications and determine the necessary requirements in hours, equipment, and materials
  • Follow all checklists and Technical Orders to the letter.
  • Keep the Floor Supervisor informed of Job Status and any unusual events or costs on the job
  • Ensure all payroll hours, job hours, and data is accurate and properly assigned
  • Ensure only necessary material, hours, etc. are drawn or used and return if necessary
  • Report any unsafe or unlawful action.
  • Safeguard all TAS property and to prevent loss or unauthorized use
  • Communicate with all other TAS employees as necessary and appropriate to be effective and to maintain good working relationship with them
  • Make recommendations for improvements
  • Enforce TAS policy and document all accidents.
  • Check equipment as required and maintain it in a safe and calibrated manner
  • Use good judgment and reasoning in investigating and solving problems
  • Maintain and respect the confidentiality of Company, employee, suppliers, and customer data
  • Promote good morale and motivation
  • Recognize and deal with priorities on the job. Plan and schedule materials.
  • Perform all duties in an approved manner with minimal direction and supervision
  • Recognize and perform duties that need to be performed although not directly assigned
  • Provide proper notification of absences
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Production Supervisor.