Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost and VPI

Cisco College is accepting applications for the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost and VPI. This position requires an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree preferred, and experience working in a college setting. The Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost & VPI is responsible for managing an office that supports the faculty and VPI by maintaining a significant amount of important documents and interacting with a vast array of people. An applicant must possess outstanding organizational skills, must be self-directed and able to manage multiple projects.  (Please scroll down to review Job Description). This position will be based at the Abilene Campus of Cisco College. It is a 12-month position, plus benefits. Resume packages are received via email, fax, and USPS, but email is preferred.
CISCO COLLEGE offers a generous benefit package, including comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance. For the medical benefit only, member-only coverage along with $5,000 of basic term life is provided at no cost to the employee. Other coverages are selected by the employee and payment made through payroll deduction.
The benefits of working in higher education are many and allow you to plan well for your future. Cisco College offers retirement savings such as Teacher Retirement System or Option Retirement Plan – for qualified positions. Twelve month employees also receive both sick and vacation leave on a month to month basis.
Please note: A complete resume package must include a cover letter, completed Cisco College Application (available on the Employment Page of the college website at www.cisco.edu), resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), and unofficial copies of transcripts. Please ensure you include all required documents with your submission. Incomplete packages will be returned unprocessed.
Resume packages should be submitted to:
Shelli Garrett
Director of Human Resources
Cisco College
101 College Heights
Cisco, Texas 76437
Cisco College is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Cisco College
Job Description
Job Title:        Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost & VPI
Reports to:      Vice President of Instruction
Updated:         September 10, 2018
Job Summary
The Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost & VPI is responsible for managing an office with a variety of administrative functions that support learning at Cisco College. The workload in this office requires the individual to assume a great deal of responsibility and to be self-directed while managing multiple projects. Organizational and clerical duties in support of the Provost & VPI are required. Developing and maintaining office systems to organize and manage a large volume of information and creating an effective and productive work environment are essential. Sensitive and confidential material is managed in this office, and strict confidentiality is required.
The Executive Administrative Assistant will be expected to accomplish assigned duties in an efficient, effective and competent manner, and to strive for improvement and excellence in all work performed. Additionally, Cisco College employees are asked to demonstrate a commitment to the comprehensive role of the community college as stated in the college mission, and to cooperate and work harmoniously with college personnel and the public. All Cisco College employees are expected to follow college policies, rules, regulations, and guidelines that relate to the specific position.
Primary Duties

  1. Compiles adjunct faculty payroll information and full-time faculty overload information—for each and all semesters offered by Cisco College.
    • Prepares payroll information for all full-time faculty overload and adjunct faculty teaching courses provided by Cisco College at any location, including dual enrollment courses taught in the high schools and coordinated with department/division.
    • Submits all adjunct faculty payroll to the Director of Human Resources and travel reimbursement information through DPS.
    • Prepares and submits payroll information for instructional stipends.
  2. Maintains a database of historical payroll information for use by college administrators.  Collaborates with other college personnel in the collection of faculty credential data for SACS purposes.
  3. Collects data required and publishes a variety of employee use calendars.
  4. Manages instructional facilities on the Cisco campus, including use efficiency, maintenance, upkeep, and furniture and equipment purchases and improvements.
  5. Provides administrative and clerical support for the Provost & VPI– prepares documents, takes messages, schedules appointments, greets visitors, orders office supplies and maintains filing system.
  6. Maintain official records for the Curriculum Committee. Takes minutes of Curriculum Committee meetings, prepares and disseminates current curriculum information, and acquires appropriate signatures on all official documents.
  7. Organizes faculty evaluations and submits original documents to Human Resources. Supports student evaluation of courses and processes as needed.
  8. Assists with recruiting new faculty. May prepare job descriptions and advertising. Sets up interviews, contacts interview committees and candidates for interviews.
  9. Helps to organize assessment of student learning data received from instructional divisions. 
  10. Organizes facility use, meals, schedules and creates materials for faculty in-service meetings and professional development meetings.
  11. Keeps office records and statistics and ensures their confidentiality.
  12. Travels to training sessions and seminars at the Cisco Campus when required.
  13. Completes elements of the evaluation plan for the office, including working with the VPI to establish goals and evaluate performance.
  14. Cooperates with the administration, division chairs, department heads, faculty, staff, and other members of the college community to facilitate the learning process.
  15. Represents the college in a professional manner to all constituencies and the general public. Creates a friendly and professional office atmosphere.
  16. Tracks/Updates the following:  faculty new hires list, faculty office hour forms, faculty syllabi, room scheduling, instructional equipment needs, student/athlete travel notifications, Cisco website, and organizing/enrolling faculty in professional development conferences.
  17. Implements new strategies for efficient communication between faculty and staff.
  18. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
  1. Excellent computer application skills.
  2. Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Proven ability to learn and practically apply new concepts.
  4. Ability to work well with faculty, staff, students, and the general public.
  5. Organizes, prioritizes, and exhibits effective time management.
  6. Has experience in a position with a high level of responsibility.
  7. Earned an Associate’s Degree and/or work related experience.
Preferred Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree and/or experience working in a college setting.